Ballito Moves Case Study

The Beginning

We approached Ballito Moves with a cheaper option than the website builder that they were using at the time. They had built the website a couple of years back and it hadn’t seen anything new for a while. The owner was very happy with the pricing as it would save them hundreds of dollars in the long run, plus they received a new website.

The Process

We started with a template which was perfect for their business and business colours. We adopted a lot of the information form the old website and updated a few services and content.

The image was still the old website.

The Wins

This build was quick to complete and the owner was satisfied with the results – showing off an updated and cleaner look than before. 

The business still stays in contact with us about regular updates.

The Result

I recently changed my email and hosting website over to Hudson at Crafted Websites and it has been nothing short of a seamless, exceptional experience. He has taken the time to meticulously understand my business and the manner in which I want the client to understand the services we offer. I suggest giving Hudson a call if you want a website that is attractive and responsive to your needs. You will battle to find someone that is as receptive and willing to ensure that your hosting needs are met with care and compassion.

Owner of Ballito Moves