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How does payment work?

After the demo has been sent to you and you are happy to proceed, we ask that you pay the first month straight into our bank account. From the second month, we set up debit orders to make it easier for you and us. 

Are you the cheapest?

From our competitor analysis, we have found us to be a cheaper option in terms of website design. The average cost per hour for a web designer in South Africa is around R180. Does this mean that we don’t do a good job? No, of course not. We take immense pride in our work and our mission is to build a good-looking website. We charge a monthly fee because we understand the need for a website is high in this world today and that it shouldn’t cost you half your business’s bank balance.

Why aren't people calling me or messaging me from my website?

When a new website is first published online, it takes time for Google to recognize it, even if we have indexed it. Indexing the website does quicken the process but it depends on how many websites are in their queue. We recommend looking at our Google ad service to get faster results for your webpage and business. Have a look at our Google & SEO Package for a longer effect on your online presence. This option does not produce results straight away but is a better investment for longer-term ‘publicity’ on the Internet. SEO takes time and is not always as straightforward as Google Ads, and it sometimes depends on the business/industry that you are in. The package is once-off so for a longer-term SEO strategy, please contact us. One last strategy, and one that doesn’t cost you anything, is for you to market the website through word of mouth and social media as well as write blog posts about your business.

Why do I only receive two business email accounts?

Our hosting service provider allows us two business email addresses per domain at a storage capacity of 1GB each. We do have upgradeable options available if you need to expand your storage or if you need more email addresses.

Will my website show up first on Google search results?

The short answer is no, but it can. We call this SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). This strategy takes time and resources to achieve, and there is never a guarantee for your website to appear on the first page of results. We are working towards increasing our SEO services but all monthly subscriptions come with basic SEO.

Can I cancel at any time?

We sign you up to our debit order system to keep track of monthly payments but there are no fixed contracts, meaning you can cancel at any time. We do, however, recommend that you stay on for at least three months to see some results. 

How long does it take to build a website?

Once you have signed off on the demo site, it will take approximately five to seven business working days to complete. This, however, does depend on how fast communication with you is and how fast we receive the information needed to proceed.

What happens to my domain name when I cancel?

When you cancel with us, you retain your domain name and we will transfer the domain to your name on request. 

What if I want to add additional pages later?

You can add additional pages to your site at any time. We charge R180/hour. Depending on your page, it could take 20 minutes to 2 hours to build. 

Does my website come with free stock images?

In some cases yes. We use a builder that usually comes with a few stock images, however, they are generic. Some website builds do not come with stock images. We cannot supply stock images with the prices that we charge per month. We are happy for you to send us any of your own images that you would like to put on your website. We are able to supply a few AI-generated images but they may not be exactly how you would like them to be.