Niche Coffee Case Study

The Beginning

The company had gone to design their website elsewhere and needed someone to build it. We started the website off with a template so that we could have a starting line. The owner of Niche Coffee loved the setup of this layout. There were a lot of changes that needed to be done so we were in constant communication with the owner. We believe that allowing you, the client, to have a say in the design process makes the website yours.

The Challenges

With all websites, there are always challenges that we have to overcome. There was one layout change that we had to work around as it would not work in the long run. We worked out a way with the client that would keep the original concept and make it usable. He was pleased that we could sort the issue out as it was a centrepiece of their website. We always asked if he was happy with the changes before we moved on to the next section.


We set a period of x amount of hours that we knew we could complete the website in. We had completed the website about 5 hours before the number of hours allocated ran out, but the owner needed more changes. We continued until the hours had finished. He still wanted more changes and additions so we gave him our hourly rate which he was very happy to pay. He told us nearer the end that he would have paid double if he went to another design agency for a website like this. We are still working closely with this business with any additional changes they require.

The Wins

All websites come together in the end. It’s difficult to let people know that the website will come together; it just takes time and a few changes here and there.

The owner received a lot of compliments about the website giving them the best chance at growing their brand. 

This website took a lot more hours to complete than before due to all the additions but the client was very happy to pay and we were very help them complete their desired website.

The Result

I have been very pleased with the website crafted websites developed for my company, Niche Coffee. Hudson and his team designed a functional, user-friendly site that accurately represents our brand. They completed the project on time and on budget. I would highly recommend crafted websites for any business looking to create a professional online presence.

Owner of Niche Coffee