Our First Website Design Milestone Story

February 21, 2024

We had a lot of small businesses using our services for a while which was always something to be grateful for, but we had not yet landed a big client. We had been working on static websites and small shops but nothing big that would take up a month with hours spent tinkering and tweaking. The phone call came one morning, asking for a quote to build the design that this company had already received from another company. We looked at the design and there were a lot of intricacies that we thought would be a problem. we built the main three sections that we thought were going to be a huge hassle and it turned out to be a great learning experience – always push to improve what you know. We sent off the demo that night to the potential client and they loved it! The owner told us that the demo was what sold them in choosing us as well as the price. We agreed on a set price for the initial build which they later told us that it was half of what they would have paid elsewhere.

The process took about a month and a half to complete; this was after they wanted additional pages and integrations. The integrations were mostly done by them, we helped set them up on the site. The company was a joy to work with as they knew the additional cost that came with all the changes and additions. We learned a lot about our capabilities in the process and we are more determined and confident in the projects that continued to flow in.

I have not shared the name of the company because I wanted to share the price as well as the outcome. The price we charged, in the beginning, was R5000 for a shop website that was fully customized to their brand. The website consisted of a detailed homepage, three custom product pages, two additional information pages as well as a cart and checkout page. They came to us with a design that made the building process easier which is why we charged the price we did. The additional pages and content changes came to R180/hour. We found this to be a fair price as the industry standard for web designers starts at R200/hour going up to R800/hour. Our client launched the website after spending an additional R2500 which was just above half of what they had budgeted elsewhere. Our client showed their gratitude throughout the process and the communication between them and us made the journey that much easier.

We hope that we can build that window into the world for you and your business.

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