Our Purpose and Values + Why Crafted Websites Started

February 12, 2024

Our Mission

Our mission is to craft a window for your business out into the world. The potential for your clients to not see that through your website creates an urgency in how you portray your message. The importance of creating a website that grips your potential clients’ eyes and understanding cannot be overlooked as it is, in most cases, the first interaction that your customers have with your business. To have a website that has broken links, sideways images, off-center text, and unresponsive design can harm you as a business going forward.

Why The Company Started

The company started based on a need for new and innovative websites that looked different from your average template-based websites without the worry of cost. Small and medium-sized businesses tend to miss the massive impact websites have on potential clients. The look and feel of your website need to tell a story of who you are as a business and people. We have seen many business websites that miss their brand identity entirely on the website. This is not the fault of the owner, but it comes down to the design company that either did not listen or did not ask in the first place. There is a story about someone I knew who spent around R4000 for a one-pager that didn’t convey the message of his business (this is coming soon).

Our Goal

We want to change the industry by creating customized, simple, and innovative websites that show the message of your business in who you are and what you do. This involves getting to know you as a business so that we can personalize your website. Our goal is to ensure that you, the client, receive a website that you are happy with, one where your client knows exactly what you do and how you do it. This strategy minimizes the potential for misunderstandings and a website that you don’t, or your potential clients, feel like using.

Our Pricing

Our prices are not the highest and they are not the lowest. We priced our packages where we know that we can give our clients value for money in our final product. We do not go lower with our pricing as this would impact our services in the need to rush your designs. We also do not want to raise our prices as we know the need for websites currently and a R4000, two-page, website is sometimes not in the budget of a business.

Our Values

Our values in web design stem from the knowledge that we have acquired over the past few years in the industry. We value communication during the process to ensure your voice is being heard. We do our best to craft excellent websites that are unique to your business. However, we also understand that not all needs can be met. We are honest in our work and the capabilities that we have. We do not promise the world with the prices that we have set with all integrations that major corporations have. Our goal is the design. We do help with integrations such as payment gateways, email subscriptions, and marketing, but we do not promise that we can do everything. This is a reason why we communicate with our clients from step one as we do not want to finish the process and have an issue arise with something that we cannot do – this hurts you as well as us. We are credible in the people and websites that you can read about and look at. We provide free demos as this is an important step in creating trust and showing potential clients what we can. Every business that we have created a demo for has loved it and the design usually grows into the end product. We have also had times where a business has not liked the demo at all, but it paved the way to understanding their desires and needs without the commitment.

Thank you for reading and we hope to do business one day if we have not already.

Crafted Websites,

Crafting Your Window To The World.


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