Web Design Story – Failure to Communicate

February 29, 2024

We had a business come to us one day asking for advice on their website. The introduction to the webpage was pretty good with the name of the company. The next section was his ‘products’ that he had made, only that they were old pieces of his work that he wanted to showcase to show people what he could do. These ‘products’ had prices underneath their images that, when clicked, went nowhere. I asked him if it was meant to be a shop and he replied with a shocked no. I carried on scrolling to the bottom where there was a simple contact form and his phone number. There was no information regarding what he did or what he was supplying. A simple ‘about us’ section would have allowed the customer to know that these ‘products’ were just show pieces. Additionally, they should have added some text as to why they needed to contact him. These ‘products’ were made for people where they had already been sold. The web page aimed to have people order their custom pieces which meant getting in touch with the owner to do that. This business was shocked at how simple it was to fix the error of the designers. The business could have gone to pay the designers and not have anyone contact them because the webpage communicated the wrong message about what the business did. The design of the website was average, and the owner had paid close to R4000 for this single website page. We could not believe that someone would have charged that amount for a product like that. This leads to the importance of knowing the company that you are getting into business with. If they cannot provide you with past work or with a demo, it may be worth looking elsewhere. In addition, the website design company needs to listen to your thoughts and needs for the website. If this design company had asked the right questions, the business owner would not have needed to come to us in the first place.

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