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Our Hosting and Website Maintenance Services

LiteSpeed Servers

Our servers use the industry’s latest technology to allow us to support your website at incredible speeds.

WP Rocket

Some of our packages include WP Rocket, a website optimisation plugin that significantly increases website speeds.


Increase your websites cache to maximize upload speeds for higher quality user experience.

Website Updates

We take the hassle out of updating or changing your website for different seasons.


We want to set you and your business up to win. Let’s make a plan and grow together.


We are affordable and cost effective to any start up and growing business. Our packages grow as you grow.

Why LiteSpeed Web Hosting?


LiteSpeed is the newest web server and is fast becoming the most popular choice for all website owners.


LiteSpeed uses an event-driven architecture base to produce faster loading speeds.


LiteSpeed uses server-side caching to enable your website to be stored on the server to enhance new user experience.

Having a great website is one thing, how you show it to your clients is another.

Let us handle it.

“I recently changed my email and hosting website over to Hudson at Crafted Websites and it has been nothing short of a seamless, exceptional experience. He has taken the time to meticulously understand my business and the manner in which I want the client to understand the services we offer. I suggest giving Hudson a call if you want a website that is attractive and responsive to your needs. You will battle to find someone that is as receptive and willing to ensure that your hosting needs are met with care and compassion.”

– Ballito Moves

“A website’s success depends on the reliability and speed of their hosting service.”

– Crafted Websites

Easy Pricing Options



Boost your website today!

Dark Blue Star

3GB SSD storage

Dark Blue Star

5x business emails

Dark Blue Star

Unlimited monthly bandwidth

Dark Blue Star

1-5 pager recommended

Dark Blue Star

Litespeed Cache



Boost your website today!

Dark Blue Star

5GB SSD storage

Dark Blue Star

15x business emails

Dark Blue Star

Unlimited monthly bandwidth

Dark Blue Star

6-10 pager recommended

Dark Blue Star

Litespeed Cache



Boost your website today!

Dark Blue Star

8GB SSD storage

Dark Blue Star

25x business emails

Dark Blue Star

Unlimited monthly bandwidth

Dark Blue Star

11+ pages or E-commerce website recommended

Dark Blue Star

Litespeed Cache + WP Rocket Website optimisation plugin

Website Maintenance


Let us help maintain your website

Dark Blue Star

1 hour of updates per month

Dark Blue Star

On-call designer

Dark Blue Star

Any design changes

*If you need something more specific, contact us and we will be happy to assist you.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do your provide custom plans?

We can accommodate all your business’s needs. Please send us a message and we will be happy to assist you.

What sets your agency apart from others?

We are all about levelling the playing field for businesses to succeed. We craft unique and cost-effective websites for business owners who need a professional window to the online world.

Do you offer migration services?

We are happy to assist with migration. However, this will come at an additional rate of R200. We ask that you send the login details to your current hosting Control Panel.

What can you do with the hour of maintenance?

We can do absolutely anything. From changing an image to a complete redesign of a couple of sections.

How do I set up my emails?

If you are struggling with this, please contact us and we will be able to assist you.

How can I get in touch with you if I have further questions?

We’re always here to assist you! Feel free to reach out to us via phone, email, or the contact form on our website.

Website Hosting and Website Maintenance South Africa

We use LiteSpeed web servers as they are fast becoming the most widely used due to its speed optimizations. Our web servers cover all of South Africa, bringing you fast and local hosting. If you would like to know more on the topic, please visit our article on Website Design and Hosting Services in South Africa.

Our Website Maintenance ensures that your content is always staying fresh and up to date. If you need to change a section for a holiday, consider it done – you do not need to lift a finger! From personal experience, we have seen websites go years without updates and it can show. Constant updates can also help with SEO rankings. Google will place a website with more consistent updates higher than one that doesn’t – why? Because Google wants its users to experience new and fresh content. Help your site rank higher and allow us to do the hard work with our maintenance plan.


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